Project TVD Pays for English tuition

Project TVD is paying tuition for 2 physicians from Da Nang Oncology Hospital (Benh Vien Ung Buou Da Nang) to learn English from instructors who are native speakers. We feel that this is an invaluable skill for a physician similar to learning how to do surgery or auscultating heart sounds. With a command of English, the de facto language of medicine, these physicians will be able to communicate with their colleagues from other countries, keep up with new medical developments, and even publish their observations and findings in international journals. These 2 young young physicians are gynecologic oncology fellows in the IGCS sponsored training program. Their English skills will serve them well during their months of study abroad as part of their training.

By Project TVD

Project TVD is a non profit organization chartered to provide medical assistance to developing countries. Our work is mainly focused on medical education in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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