To DONATE, please download the FORM and send a check to:

Project TVD

3622 1st Street South

Jacksonville, FL 32250

You will receive your tax-deduction letter within 2 weeks of receipt.  If you have any questions or inquiries on other methods of donation, please contact Myn Demmon at

Thank you for your interest in supporting Project TVD. Your tax-deductible donation will have exponential impact with us. Our high impact is possible because we are an all-volunteer organization, without a paid staff. We operate with the support of our board and volunteers who depend on each other’s dedication and commitment to execute all the program and service activities. 

Our medical volunteers bring medical expertise in their respective fields to train and provide hands-on knowledge transfer of proven and practiced techniques to colleagues in Vietnam while providing treatment and care to patients. Your donation will directly go towards providing care to patients, enriching the daily life of hospitalized children, educating health professionals, funding advanced training and certification of Project TVD/IGCS fellows, providing US health and pre-health students with the opportunity to see and treat disease processes not common in the developed countries, and supporting our vision to train more and serve more. Your donation SAVES LIVES!

Reasons to give to Project TVD:

1. Exponential Impact – Your donation has exponential impact. Project TVD has ZERO administrative and ZERO overhead cost. Your donation is leveraged with an all-volunteer team of US physicians who are expert in their fields to treat and train! The doctors we train go on to train more doctors in their communities.  Our doctors continue to consult with their Vietnamese colleagues to treat patients even after they return from the trip. 

2. Impact At Home – Our US Doctors and other volunteers come back energized and inspired by all they accomplished in the single week and the gratitude of their patients and Vietnamese colleagues. Project TVD also brings US pre-med, pre-health, medical school and medical residents on trips to get training and inspiration.

3. Impact in Vietnam – Simply put, we save and transform lives while training doctors in Vietnam.  The trained Vietnamese physicians and other healthcare professionals continue to deliver care and training for the years to come.

4. Tangible Impact – Your donation will help save and transform lives.

5. Intangible Impact – Project TVD has collaborated with the Da Nang community over the last 23 years and has formed a truly unique and synergistic relationship. We are grateful to our friends and colleagues in Da Nang for their support that makes our work possible.  This unique collaboration is why our volunteers come back year after year and bring their friends and family back. Many of our volunteers and families keep in touch with us to let us know their experience inspired them to do more at home.  Some of our younger members have publish articles on their experience in their school newspaper. Others have written their college essay on their experience.

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