TVD Arts and Crafts

Many of our volunteers work in projects that are not medically related. Starting in 2015, Mimi Dinh, Tri’s wife, started her own part of Project TVD by organizing daily arts and crafts projects for hospitalized children. In 2016, she was joined by Heidi Rushing and her son, Layton. Layton’s Eagle Scout service project was planning the craft projects for the children in the Pediatric wing at Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children. Since that time, the “Arts and Crafts” project has included a trip to the Pediatric ICU to give gifts for the children who are too ill to attend arts and crafts party held in the hospital foyer. 


Mimi Dinh continues to run the “Arts and Crafts” program. This year, the program was modified due to the ongoing concern around the pandemic. Instead of a large gathering, Mimi organized gift bags that included a cash, li xi, gift for 88 hospitalized children at the Hospital for Women and Children. She also had a Q&A session so that our younger team members can talk with their Vietnamese peers. In one of these sessions, questions were asked like, “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?”; One of the young Vietnamese patients, a girl of 16, replied, “An eagle, because I just want to be strong,”. We later learned that the young girl,Vy, has been coming to the hospital, multiple times a week, on her own, for years for treatment. Soon, she would be too old to continue treatment at the Women and Children’s hospital and will need to transition to the Adult Da Nang Hospital to continue therapy. Her wish is to save enough money to get a motorbike to make the commute easier. Spontaneously, our group members pitched in $500 to buy the motorbike and used the left over funds to help Vy with any other needs. That was a really inspiring story that left many members literally in tears!

2020 & 2021

No trips due to Coronavirus Pandemic




Patrice Pike, a member of the Texas Rock and Roll hall of fame and award winning recording artist, came with us and entertained at a local orphanage. See pictures from Patrice’s work below.

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