Past Medical Projects & Activities

2013 Surgery in progress

Project TVD divides physicians into 3 teams in order to participate at Danang General Hospital (now called Benh Vien Da Nang), Danang Hospital for Women and Children (Benh Vien Phu San Nhi Da Nang) and the new Danang Oncology Hospital (Benh Vien Ung Buou). With the availability of email, it is easy for the visiting American physicians to communicate and discuss plans of care with their Vietnamese colleagues. This process usually begins several months before the mission trip with the local Vietnamese physicians choosing the cases of interest and educational benefits. They and their American counterparts then discussed the problems and formulate an appropriate treatment plan. For surgical procedures, several cases of similar nature are chosen. The American surgeons will perform the procedure in the first case with the Vietnamese colleagues assisting. For the following cases, the roles are reversed: the American surgeons will assist the Vietnamese surgeons in the procedures. This method quickly and efficiently transfers the surgical skills and knowledge from physician to physician.

Preview some snapshots from past trips below.